Our Mission

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Our mission is to impart our passion for ninja & obstacle course racing to the next generation

We believe OCR offers our youth an incredible opportunity to build Character, learn Commitment, and connect with their Communities. Our goal is to get kids out from behind the screens and engaging in fun, physical activities to promote mental and physical toughness, to establish the habit of a healthy and active lifestyle at a young age, and to discover the joy of working together for a common goal. Our children are our greatest gift and their future depends on the actions we take.

Conquer Youth is proudly joining forces with Shape Up US, an organization dedicated to preventing obesity and empowering children and families to lead healthier, happier lives! Shape Up US provides teachers, children, parents and communities at large with educational tools to create healthy, lifelong habits to improve their overall wellness.

Shape Up US contributes to building a healthy future for America’s children by hosting Health & Wellness Expos across the country that promote the improvement of the health, fitness and overall well-being of youth and their families. These events promote wellness, create awareness about a healthy lifestyle and provide a day of fun for the entire family.

Young Lions OCR events will now be presented by Shape Up US as we work together to create an incredible community event atmosphere that promotes health, fitness, and overall well-being of youth and their families.

We're conquering this task together! Join us!



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we're committed to your child's safety!

The safety and well-being of all who attend our events is our number one priority. When your children enter our course, we know you've entrusted us with the most precious and loved person in your life. We have children of our own and we do not take this responsibility lightly. Our family has been involved in creating, building, and hosting Obstacle Course and Ninja Warrior style events for both adults and youth since 2012. In that time, we've had over 50,000 people participate in our events.

Our obstacles have been professionally engineered and overbuilt to ensure maximum safety. Our build team has setup thousands of obstacles and has built courses around the globe at events ranging from a few dozen people to world championship events with multiple thousands. We work with every venue to create a security plan in case of emergency and we have a licensed event medical staff at each of our events. When you come to a Conquer Youth event you are family and we will take care of you as such. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding safety.